Early History of the JC NAACP

The Jefferson County Branch of the NAACP was organized and chartered in June 1946. To the best of anyone’s knowledge , this is the first time a civil rights group had been organized in Jefferson County, even though the second meeting of the Niagara Movement was held at Storer College in Harpers Ferry in 1906.

Charter Members
Among the charter members were: Rev. Marcus Wood, Rev. Elmer Dyson, Professor E. M. Dandridge, Mr. Ed Roper, Mrs. Ollie Tolbert, Mrs. Mary A .D. Taylor, Mrs. Virginia Green, and Rev. R.E.Gordon.

The first Branch president was Professor E.M.Dandridge, science teacher at Page Jackson High School and later the school principal. Rev. Marcus Wood, pastor of Wainwright Baptist Church was vice president. Presidents who followed were Rev. Wood and Rev. Dyson.

Branch Desegregation Activities
The Branch was successful in getting the Jefferson County Circuit Court to put Blacks on the petit and grand juries. It was also successful in getting interstate buses desegregated. The local branch, in cooperation with the State Conference of the NAACP, was actively involved in the 1948 incident where a Black couple from Philadelphia were forcefully ejected from a N&W passenger train near Shenandoah Junction and the husband killed in cold blood by a Jefferson County Constable, John Brown. The branch had to borrow $50.00 from the Martinsburg NAACP branch to help bring in attorney and State president T.G.Nutter to the County. The Nutter investigation was going well until the widow decided to obtain another attorney and then dropped her suit against the railroad. The community felt the shooting was unjustified and was very disappointed that the widow dropped the suit. The facts of the killing still have not been resolved.

In 1950, following the shooting incident , the Branch became inactive. In the period between 1950 and 1963, the Jefferson County Civic League was organized and continued working on desegregation efforts and obtaining equal opportunities for Blacks. In October 1963, The Jefferson County NAACP was rechartered following a public mass meeting at the Zion Baptist Church in Charles Town. Bishop Eugene Baltimore, pastor of King Apostle Church in Ranson was elected president and Lester Taylor of Harpers Ferry , vice-president.



2013 Freedom Fund Banquet

50th Anniversary

Jefferson County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet


The Jefferson County NAACP will sponsor its 50th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet on Saturday October 19, 2013.  The banquet will be held at Shepherd University, Storer College Ballroom Room at 3pm. Tickets are $25. The NAACP will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its charter reinstatement. Four charter members,  Bertha Jones, Sylvia Gregory, Genevie Monroe and James Tolbert,          will be recognized at the banquet.

The keynote speaker will be  Alan Spears, director for Cultural Resources for the Government Affairs department of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA).  Alan works to raise public awareness about the significant role the National Park Service plays in protecting and promoting American history  especially the African American experience in the United States.  In 2013, Alan led the successful NPCA campaigns to add the Colonel Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument (OH), the First State National Monument (DE), and the Harriet Tubman/Underground Railroad National Monument (MD) to the National Park System.

In 2006 Alan worked closely with the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and the Jefferson County NAACP to organize portions of the 100th anniversary of the Niagara Movement commemoration.

Ollie Lightfoot Tolbert’s Civil Rights and the Humanitarian Awards will be presented. The silent auction will open at 2:30pm

Tickets can be obtained from Janet Jeffries @ 304-725-4094

Humanitarian Award


Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated or performed a very significant humanitarian role in sharing with another person or persons in the Jefferson County community relief, encouragement or assistance during the preceding year or years.


The Humanitarian Award is awarded to encourage charitable and voluntary aid to persons in need, those who are ill and/or to aid youth who are in need of guidance and assistance.


The Jefferson County NAACP Humanitarian Award may be presented annually to a person of African descent who has enabled another person or group to overcome cultural, physical or mental handicap to the extent, that without this involvement, the receiver would be in considerable difficulty.  The humanitarian act(s) must be voluntary and should have occurred over a reasonable period of time; the act may have occurred in an emergency or in another state; or in or out of the residence.  The humanitarian’s act(s) may have relied on professional guidance to assist the receiver(s).


The Humanitarian Award Committee is made up of persons who have previously been selected for the award and the branches first and second vice presidents.  The Committee may select its own chair annually.  The Committee’s decision is final in all matters affecting the award.  The award is usually presented during the Jefferson County NAACP African-American Heritage and Cultural Festival and the presentation speech is delivered by a distinguished citizen.  It is solely up to the discretion of the Committee whether to make an award in any one year or the committee may see fit to withhold the award if there are no acts which merit consideration during the preceding year or preceding years.


Recommendations for the award must be submitted in writing to the Branch Secretary by the second Tuesday in August of each year.  Such recommendation should state in detail the achievement of the person recommended.



Awarded annually for significant achievement of an African-American

The Ollie Lightfoot Tolbert Award was instituted in 1995 by the Jefferson County NAACP to be awarded for the highest or noblest achievement by an African-American during the preceding year or years.


The purpose of the award is two-fold-first to call the attention of a Jefferson County citizen to the existence of distinguished merit and achievement in the area of civil and human rights in the county, and secondly, to serve as a reward for such achievement and as a stimulus to the ambition of African-Americans.


The award is presented annually to a Jefferson County citizen of African descent, who shall have made the highest achievement during the preceding year of years in and honorable field of human endeavor or civil rights.  The Committee of Award is bound by no burdensome restrictions, but may decide for itself each year what particular act or achievement deserves the highest acclaim; the choice is not limited to any one field, whether of intellectual, spiritual, physical, scientific, artistic, commercial, educational or other endeavor.  It is intended primarily that the award shall be for the highest achievement in the preceding year, but if no achievement in any one year seems to merit it, the Committee may award it for work achieved in preceding years, or may withhold it.

The award is usually presented to the winner at the annual Jefferson County African-American Heritage and Cultural Festival, and the presentation speech is delivered by a distinguished citizen.

A Committee of Award made up of previous awardees and the branch president selects the winner.  The Committee’s decision is final in all matters affecting the award.


Recommendations should be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Branch by October 8, 2013.  Such communications should state in detail the achievements of the person recommended.

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Jefferson County African American and Cultural  Festival

3 – on – 3 Basketball Tournament

Friday August 16, 2013

*Martin Delany Place, W. Congress St., Charlestown, WV

*Registration Fee is only $25 per team (4 person team with 1 being a substitute)

*Registration starts at 11:00am, Games start at 12:00 pm

*Pre-registration can be done through:

Chris Pass, P.O. Box 411, Ranson, WV 25438 (301)524-1467


Applications may be submitted on-site or mailed to: Chris Pass, P.O. Box 411, Ranson, WV 25438.

Registration Fee is $25 per team.  Cash will be accepted on-site only!

Make checks payable to:   Jefferson County NAACP

Career Fair

1st Annual African American Heritage Festival
Career/Job Fair
Friday, August 16th ~ 2-5 pm
243 Delany Place (Masonic Lodge)
Charles Town, WV

Bring your resume and be ready to speak to recruiters and vendors seeking to hire potential employees.  Be prepared to impress.  For more information call 301-524-1467

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